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Всем известна суть «горячих клавиш»  - они позволяют выбрать наименьшую дорогу в осуществлении задуманного действия. Коротко их можно назвать клавишами быстрого доступа. Возьмём это же словосочетание на вооружение и приступим к практике так называемых «горячих диалогов». В чём их суть? Любой язык состоит из огромного количества слов, многие из которых даже сам носитель не станет употреблять на протяжении всей своей жизни. Наша задача – овладеть тем словарным запасом, который необходим для повседневного общения, общения на бытовом уровне.

Внимание! Методика работы с горячими диалогами для преподавателей:

Участники делятся на пары и получают карточки с диалогом.

Примечание: Если участников немного, то каждая пара получает по 2 или 3 диалога.

1 этап. Преподаватель даёт время на подготовку (5 мин.), по истечении которого каждая пара разыгрывает диалог перед группой.

2 этап. Участники обмениваются карточками (по кругу), и уже самостоятельно разыгрывают диалоги. Таким образом, каждая пара отработает все диалоги.

Этот вид деятельности занимает много времени  (от часа и более), но является одним из самых важных моментов в тренировке речи. Перед тем, как приступить к практикуму, преподаватель объясняет принцип работы с диалогом:




3 этап. (только для «продвинутых» участников). Тем парам, которые более-менее владеют языком, преподаватель предлагает не разыгрывать предъявленные диалоги, а использовать их в качестве образцов и составить, а затем разыграть свои собственные. После выполнения упражнения всеми участниками преподаватель предлагает парам, прошедшим 3 этап, представить своё творчество остальным. Здесь ярко проявляется принцип взаимообучения.



Robert: What's the best way of getting to your place?
Keisy: Take the subway. Get off at Lincoln Center, turn right and walk two blocks.
R.: I’d better take a taxi. Wait for me. I’ll be soon.
K.: Don’t be late, please. Try to avoid traffic jam, dear!


The “Ritz” hotel: Good morning. My name is Clare Barrow. Can I help you?
Susan Arty: Good morning. I'd like to make a reservation for next Monday. My name is Susan   Arty.
C. B.: All right. Do you want a single or a double room?
S. A.: A single room, please. What's the price of this room per night?
C. B.: Seventy dollars a night. Could I have your telephone number?
S. A.: 3968285674. I'll pay credit card.
C. B.: See you next week, Mrs. Arty. Thank you for calling us.


Waiter: Good evening. Where would you like to sit?
Ben: Could I have a table near the window, please?
W.: Come with me, please. This way.
Ben: Could I have the menu?
W.: Certainly. Here it is. Are you ready to order now?
Ben: I have to make up my mind. I'll order in a few minutes.


The worker: Good afternoon. May I have your ticket, please?
Silver: Certainly. Can I take this as hand luggage?
W.: Yes, that’ll be fine.
S.: And can I have an aisle seat in the non-smoking section?
W.: Okay. Here’s is your boarding pass. Have a nice flight.
S.: Thank you.


The worker: May I see your passport please?
The passenger: Here you are.
W.: What is the purpose of your visit?
P.: I'm on business.
W.: How long will you be staying?
P.: Fifteen days.
W.: Thank you very much. Enjoy your stay.


The custom’s officer: Do you have anything to declare, sir?
Sam: Just some wine and cigarettes.
C.O.: How much wine do you have?
S.: Four bottles.
C.O.: How many cigarettes?
S.: I have 20 packets.
C.O.: I'm afraid you're only allowed 280 cigarettes. You'll have to pay duty on the rest.
S.:  Oh! How much is it?
C.O.: A total of £14.10.
S.: Here you are.


Bob:  I seem to know your face but I am afraid I don't know your name.
Jack: Don't you know me, Bob? I am Jack.
B.: Haven't seen you for ages! So glad to meet you!
J.: I am very happy to meet you, Bob.
B.: How is life?
J.: Not bad. What institute do you study at?
B.: I study at the University. I am a first year student of Law department, and you?
J.: I am a first year student of History Faculty. I'm interested in History. It is my favourite subject.   Do you take notes of the lectures?
B.: Yes, I do. I have a bad memory. The exams are coming.
J.: I wish you to pass your exams.
B.: Thank you, the same to you.


Leo: Can you help me, please? I'm looking for a cotton suit, size 40.
Salesman: What color do you want, sir?
L.: I prefer something in light brown.
S.: Here's an excellent suit in light brown cotton. Will you try it on?
L.: Yes, I will. Where is the fitting room?
S.: Come this way. Look at the mirror!
L.: How does it look?
S.: It looks great. It's exactly your size.
L.: How much is it?
S.: It’s only 98 dollars.
L.: All right. I'll take it.


Jane:  Oh, you know, my husband is wonderful.
Sally: What do you mean?
J.: Well, he is big, strong, handsome and graceful.
S.: Well, my husband isn’t very big or very strong but he is slender and intelligent.
He can speak six languages.
J.: What languages can he speak?
S.: He can speak French, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic and Japanese.
J.: As for my husband he is very athletic. He can swim, ski, play football, cricket and rugby.


William: Can you lend me $5?
Andrew: Sorry, I can’t. I haven’t been to the bank today.
W.: I haven’t been either, and I need some money.
A.: Why don’t you ask Peter?
W.: Oh, has he been to the bank?
A.: Yes, he has. He always goes there on Mondays.


John: What is the weather like today?
Mary: It’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining. And there is a slight breeze.
J.: It looks like as if we are going to have a couple of fine days.
M.: I’m afraid the weather changes rather often. A sudden rain is quite possible.



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