Загадки - Riddles

   Загадки - Riddles There are no translations available.



                                                         Кто есть кто?  - Who is who?


These riddles are not usual ones. They demand your mind to be smart, careful and not too quick. Of course, it takes time to give right answers but the time you will spend on it is for your pleasure. 


Эти загадки не совсем обычны. Для того, чтобы разгадать их, нужно иметь сообразительность, быть осторожным и не очень быстрым. Конечно, на поиски правильных ответов уйдёт какое-то время, но Вы проведёте его с удовольствием.


1. Which is correct to say: “five and four is eleven” or “five and four are eleven”?


2. What has four legs but cannot walk?


3. What tables do we often see in the fields?


4. What plate can’t you eat off?


5. What question can’t you answer with “no”?


6. What question can’t you answer with “yes”?


7. A big German and a little German are walking in the street. The little German is the big German’s son, but the big German is not the little German’s father. Who is he?


8. Three girls walked to school under one umbrella. Why didn’t any of them get wet?


9. A person looked at a portrait and said: “I have no sisters and brothers. But the man in the portrait is my father’s son.” Who was he?


10. A country doctor had a brother but the brother died. The man who died had no brother. What was the doctor?


11. Three taxi-drivers have one brother but this brother has no brothers. Who are the three taxi-drivers?


12. Why does a chicken cross a road?


13. When is a black dog most likely to enter the house?


14. Why do we all go to bed?


15. Why is the letter “G” like the sun?


16. Why is London like the letter “E”?


17. What is there between a town and a country?


18. What can you see with your eye shut?


19. What is never “was’, never “will be” and yet “is”?


20. What are we all doing all the time?