Знакомство - Let Me Introduce Myself

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                                                        Let Me Introduce Myself



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VF - Excuse me, do you speak English?


JB - Yes, I do.


VF - Where are you from? Are you English?


JB - Well, I'm Welsh, actually. But I live in London now.


VF - And what brings you to Moscow? Are you here on business?


JB - No, I'm on holiday. I'm a tourist.


VF - Ah, I see. Do you like Moscow?


JB - Yes, very much. It's a fascinating city!


VF - I’m glad you like it. You know, you speak very clearly.  I understand you perfectly. Do you understand me?


JB - Oh yes, I understand you all right. Your English is very good. Are you an English teacher?


VF - Oh no. I'm a doctor, an eye surgeon. I work at the Moscow Eye Microsurgery Centre.


JB - How interesting! The Centre is very famous. Are you a Muscovite, then?


VF - Yes, I am. Let me introduce myself. I'm Victor Fyodorov.


JB - Are you the famous eye surgeon, Professor Fyodorov?


VF - Oh no! His name's Svyatoslav Fyodorov. He's the director of the Centre.


JB - Are you his son, then?


VF - No, I'm just a namesake. Fyodorov is a common name here.


JB - I see. Like Smith in Britain. Well, I'm pleased to meet you, Mr. Fyodorov. My name's Judy, Judy Batt.


VF - Now, let me introduce my friends. This couple is from St. Petersburg. The young lady is Svetlana Poliakov and the young man is her husband, Igor Poliakov.


JB - How do you do.


SP, IP -  How do you do.


VF - Svetlana is a specialist in French art. She works at the Hermitage as a curator.


JB - Ah, the Hermitage! What a wonderful museum! It's enormous, isn't it? Do visitors ever see the whole of it?


SP - Well, some do. They return again and again.


JB - Is your husband an artist too?


SP - No. Igor's a graphic designer. He works in an advertising agency.


VF - And that man over there is Eugene Matenko.


JB - Is he the man with the beard?


VF - That's right, dark hair and a black beard, a businessman, the managing director of a publishing company in Kiev. Here he comes now. Eugene, meet Miss Judy Batt, from England.


EM - How do you do, Miss Batt.


JB - How do you do. Please call me Judy.


VF - And this is Mr. Bassov, Boris Bassov. He's head of the chemistry department at Saratov University.


BB - How do you do.


JB - Pleased to meet you.


VF - And now meet my friend, George Beritashvili.


BB - How do you do.


GB - Glad to meet you. 


JB - Beritashvili isn't a Russian name, is it?


GB - You're quite right: I'm from Georgia.


VF - Yes, George is from Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.


JB - What do you do?


GB - I'm a computer programmer. I work in a research institute.


VF - And, last but not least, this young man is from Estonia, one of the Baltic states.


JB - How do you do.


OA - Pleased to meet you.


JB - And what do you do? No, don't tell me. Let me guess.


VF - Oh, it's difficult, Judy. Do you want a clue?


JB - OK then.


VF - He's not an engineer, or a chemist, or a mathematician, And he is not a teacher.


JB - Mmm. Are you a journalist?


OA - No, I'm not a journalist.


JB - Are you an architect?


OA - No, I'm afraid not.


JB - Ah. Perhaps you're an actor or a film director?


VF - Oh no, he's neither an actor nor a film director!


JB - Oh dear, oh dear. Is he a doctor, like you?


VF - Ah, you're getting warmer! He is a doctor. But he isn't a medical doctor.


JB - Oh well, I give up. I don't know.


VF - Olev's an ecologist.


JB - A doctor of ecology?


OA - Not quite. I'm a doctor of biology. I specialize in environmental problems.


JB - I'm pleased to meet you. But I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name.


OA - Olev Anvelt. Please call me Olev. What do you do?


JB - Me? I'm a lecturer at London University.